Julie's Magic Moment by Barbara Bartholomew


    Julie's Magic Moment
    Barbara Bartholomew

    Synopsis: At fifteen, Julie had it all - friends, status, and Todd Hackler, the best looking boy in school, asking her out. She could hardly believe it was all happening to her, to shy Air Force brat Julie Richardson, who, until her dad's recent retirement, had never lived anywhere long enoug to even try to fit in. And she owed all her good fortune to Pete Minick. Class sut-up and the best actor in school, Pete had forced Julie to audition for and win the lead part in the fall play Magic Moment.

    Then, suddenly, all the with-it people wanted to know "actress" Julie. As long as she played the roles these new friends expected - serious and hardworking for the student council set; witty and fun-loving for the cheerleaders; flirtatious and admiring for Todd - Julie would be popular. But what if she stopped pretending and was just plain Julie? Would Todd and the others drop her? And what about dependable Pete? Which Julie did he like - the one he first met, or the one he helped create?

    Publishing Details:
      Signet Vista USA. 1983. 160 pages. Softcover.
    Medium cover & edge wear, some storage marks & dents and heavy corner creasing, some old sticker residue & peeling on the front (removal would further damage the book), chipped spine ends, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned, with old liquid paper covering writing inside the front cover.
      90 gms without packaging.


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