Shakespeare And Legs by Norah McClintock


Shakespeare And Legs
Norah McClintock

(Nora Mclintock on the book)

Synopsis:  "What's the weather like up there above the cloud cover, Chessman? Is it turbulent or what?"

Turbulent is hardly the word for Elise Chessman. For as long as she can remember she's endured stares, whispers and cruel taunts because of her height. Suddenly, in a single summer, her one friend has shed her excess weight and is only interested in her new boyfriend - and Elise is more alone than ever. Enter William Shakespeare Jones. Shakespeare is funny, wonderful and short. But is he for real? Can he really be attracted to Elise, or is the whole thing just another cruel game?

Publishing Details:
  Scholastic Inc, Canada. 1987. 151 pages. Softcover.
Light cover wear, some light storage marks, lighte reading crease. Pages intact & lightly tanned.
111gms without packaging.


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