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Shakespeare And Legs by Norah McClintock

Shakespeare And Legs
Norah McClintock

(Nora Mclintock on the book)

Synopsis:  "What's the weather like up there above the cloud cover, Chessman? Is it turbulent or what?"

Turbulent is hardly the word for Elise Chessman. For as long as she can remember she's endured stares, whispers and cruel taunts because of her height. Suddenly, in a single summer, her one friend has shed her excess weight and is only interested in her new boyfriend - and Elise is more alone than ever. Enter William Shakespeare Jones. Shakespeare is funny, wonderful and short. But is he for real? Can he really be attracted to Elise, or is the whole thing just another cruel game?

Publishing Details:
  Scholastic Inc, Canada. 1987. 151 pages. Softcover.
Light cover wear, some light storage marks, lighte reading crease. Pages intact & lightly tanned.
111gms without packaging.


Big Guy Little Women by Jacqueline Shannon

Big Guy, Little Women
Jacqueline Shannon

Synopsis:  Lori leads a lucky life. A great job on the school paper. Incredibly good-looking Brook "Big Guy" Grimes for a boyfriend. Good friends.

Then the Marsh family moves in next door. Has Lori met these girls before? Suddenly she realises they are just like the girls in her old favourite book Little Women. And she remembers that her boyfriend has the same name as a character in the book, Mr. Brook. And Mr. Brook falls in love with and marries one of the little women.

Oh no! Can Lori save Big Guy from those "little women" next door?

Publishing Details:
  Apple Paperbacks from Scholastic Inc, USA. 1989. 183 pages. Softcover.
Ex school library copy, with the usual book covering and stamps & stickers. Moderate cover & edge wear, some storage marks & bends, slight spine tilt, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
  136 gms without packaging.


No More Candy by Patricia Aks

No More Candy
Patricia Aks

Synopsis:  When Sara's dad loses his job with a prestiogious advertising agency, the entire family must live without many of the luxuries they'd become accustomed to.

Sara couldn't believe that she'd have to get a job just to earn her own spending money. Worst of all, she'd have to miss parties and spend less time with friends.

A job was a bug responsibility and, she quickly learns, ia as hard to keep as it is to find. But working at Barry's Drug Store was better than Sara could ever have imagined because at Barry's she met Andy and all of a sudden things began to look up.

Publishing Details:
  Ace Tempo Books, USA. 1982 reprint of the 1978 original. 170 pages. Softcover.
Ex school library copy, with the usual book covering and stamps & stickers. Moderate cover & edge wear, some storage marks & dents, slight spine tilt, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
  98 gms without packaging.


Julie's Magic Moment by Barbara Bartholomew

Julie's Magic Moment
Barbara Bartholomew

Synopsis:  At fifteen, Julie had it all - friends, status, and Todd Hackler, the best looking boy in school, asking her out. She could hardly believe it was all happening to her, to shy Air Force brat Julie Richardson, who, until her dad's recent retirement, had never lived anywhere long enoug to even try to fit in. And she owed all her good fortune to Pete Minick. Class sut-up and the best actor in school, Pete had forced Julie to audition for and win the lead part in the fall play Magic Moment.

Then, suddenly, all the with-it people wanted to know "actress" Julie. As long as she played the roles these new friends expected - serious and hardworking for the student council set; witty and fun-loving for the cheerleaders; flirtatious and admiring for Todd - Julie would be popular. But what if she stopped pretending and was just plain Julie? Would Todd and the others drop her? And what about dependable Pete? Which Julie did he like - the one he first met, or the one he helped create?

Publishing Details:
  Signet Vista USA. 1983. 160 pages. Softcover.
Medium cover & edge wear, some storage marks & dents and heavy corner creasing, some old sticker residue & peeling on the front (removal would further damage the book), chipped spine ends, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned, with old liquid paper covering writing inside the front cover.
  90 gms without packaging.


Crazy In Love by Cynthia Blair

Crazy In Love
Cynthia Blair

Synopsis: Rachel and I were the best of friends...
Moving to New York when I was sixteen was supposed to be a trying experience, but I soon found New York to be a wonderful, magical place. It's where I became best friends with Rachel Glass. We did almost everything together: talked for hours on end, lent each other support during the craziest times, and became permanent fixtures in each other's lives.

Then I met Saul at a party. I thought he was really a great guiy. We even shared a common bond - Saul was an aspiring songwriter, too! Everything was fine until one night we stopped by Rachel's apartment and just like that, Saul and Rachel fell for each other in a big way. For the first time, Rachel and I were at odds.

The Glass family is very observant of their Jewish heritage, and Saul just didn't fit the bill as the kind of guy Rachel's parents wanted her to go out with. Poor Rachel was torn between who she was and how much that meant to her, and the feelings she had for Saul. She knew she had to make a decision that was bound to hut someone she loved...

Publishing Details:
  Fawcett Juniper. 1988, 1st printing. 171 pages. Softcover.
Light cover wear, a few light storage marks, light reading crease. Pages intact & tanned, with a name inside the front cover.
  95 gms without packaging.


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