The Cry Of The Seals by Larry Weinberg


The Cry Of The Seals
Larry Weinberg

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Cory Jacobson is on the most exciting adventure of her life, sailing aboard the Friendship Flyer to stop the terrible annual slaughter of baby seals off Thunder Island. Icebergs, thick fogs and raging high seas cannot hold back Cory and the Flyer crew from their mission

But once they arrive on Thunder Island, they face a much more dangerous challenge. Angry fur traders threaten them with violence unless they clear out. Cory feels trapped on all sides... until she meets a young seal hunter named Sean Flannery whose kindness both touches and confuses her. How can the most wonderful person she has ever met be part of the hated enemy she has sworn to stop? Should she love him - or fight him?

Series: Bantam Starfire
Publishing Details: Bantam Books. Published 1984. 211 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 055323918x
Condition: Has moderate cover wear apart from the peeled area and an edge nick on the front, some light storage marks, light reading crease. Pages intact & tanned, with a name on the front page.
Weight: 116 gms without packaging.

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