Caprice 4 BEFORE LOVE by Gloria D Miklowitz


Before Love
Gloria D. Miklowitz

Synopsis: Everyone thought travelling around the world was fun, but Gina thought it was the pits. Especially since this year she'd be returning to the school she left a year ago. Coming back was like starting all over again - it was just like having to meet everyone for the first time.

Gina wanted to be part of the gang and dating Brian would secure her place in the crowd. She was attracted to him but hoped there was more to love than the magnetic feeling that drew them together.

Series: Caprice #4
Publishing Details: 
Tempo Books. US edition. 1982. 151 pages. Softcover.
Has clear book covering and this makes the end pages stick a little. Light cover wear, some storage marks, remainder clipped on the front, light reading creases. Pages intact & tanned, with a name on the front page and the series number wriiten inside the front cover.
91 gms without packaging.

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