Caprice 42 CHANGE OF HEART by Charlotte White

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    Change Of Heart
    Charlotte White

    Synopsis:  Ribbons and lace for Cindy, camping and motorcycles for Mark - that was the way their parents wanted it, but not Cindy and Mark. So they decided to pull the ultimate scheme - switch parents for two weeks! Only best friends could have come up with something that harebrained!

    While Cindy was away with Mark's parents, she realised she really cared for Mark. But how was she going to get Mark to see her as more than just a buddy? Was Mark worth giving up t-shirts and jeans? Cindy knew she would have to do something drastic!

    Series:  Caprice #42
    Publishing Details:  Tempo Books. US edition.1984. 149 pages. Softcover.
    ISBN: 044110262x
    Condition:  Moderate cover & edge wear, some storage marks & small corner creases, remainder clipped on the front, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
    Weight:  88 gms without packaging.


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