Caprice 49 WANTED: A LITTLE LOVE by Stephanie Gordon Tessler

    Wanted: A Little Love
    Stephanie Gordon Tessler

    Synopsis: Freddie's basketball-star boyfriend, Darren, hit the roof when she told him she had a job. It was bad enough that she had to miss all his games - but baby-sitting a chimpanzee? It was too much. Darren told Freddie that no chimp was going to make a chump out of him.

    Then Darren met Freddie's co-worker, Jon, and things went from bad to worse. How could she convince Darren that Jon was just a friend - when she wasn't sure herself?

    Series:  Caprice #49
    Publishing Details:  Tempo Books. US edition.1984. 150 pages. Softcover.
    ISBN: 0441871690
    Condition:   Light cover & edge wear, some storage marks & dents, remainder clipped on the front & first 2 pages, light reading crease. Pages intact & tanned.
    Weight:  90 gms without packaging.


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