Caprice 57 I DOUBLE LOVE YOU by Stephanie Gordon Tessler gc


    I Double Love You
    Stephanie Gordon Tessler

    Synopsis: Things couldn't get any happier in the Grant house. PJ and her mother were both dating super guys. PJ had Gabe, and her mum had Joe. The only thing that could go wrong now was for the devious Loren Matthews to want Gabe back in her clutches.

    When PJ's mum announced her marriage to Joe, PJ felt like she had been hit with a ton of bricks. Not that she didn't like Joe - but his last name was Matthews and his daughter's name was Loren! That was all PJ needed - "temptation" living under the same roof!

    Series:Caprice #57
    Publishing Details:
      Tempo Books. US edition.1985. 151 pages. Softcover.
      In good used condition. Light cover wear, a few light storage marks, there's a small old stain on the front, remainder clipped on the front, no reading crease. Pages intact & tanned, with a faded remainder mark on the bottom.
    85 gms without packaging.


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