Caprice 59 TWO OF A KIND by Susan Shaw

    Two Of A Kind
    Susan Shaw

    Synopsis: Beth was new in town, and Ted was the totally gorgeous track star in a small high school whee everybody knew everybody. Except Beth. And every time Ted smiled, Beth had to keep herself from floating away. That was true love, all right.

    But there was Emily - exciting, outrageous Emily, who had first dibs on Ted. Or so it appeared. Why were they together all the time if she wasn't his girlfriend? On the other hand, if she was his girlfriend, why did Ted act so friendly with Beth?

    Maybe, just maybe, Beth had a chance...

    Series:  Caprice #59
    Publishing Details:  Tempo Books. US edition.1985. 152 pages. Softcover.
    ISBN: 0441834329
    Condition:   Moderate cover & edge wear, some storage marks & bends, remainder clipped on the front, moderate reading creases, slight spine tilt. Pages intact & tanned, with a crossed out name in pen on the front page.
    Weight:  88 gms without packaging.


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