Caprice 76 LONG DISTANCE ROMANCE by Alice Moon tpfc

Long Distance Romance
Alice Moon

Synopsis:  Tall, lean and graceful, Jennifer loved being a champion runner. So when she found out her new school didn't have a girl's track team, Jennifer was in a state of shock. If ever there was a time for the Equal Rights Amendment it was now! Even if she could make the boys team, she knew she would be considered an oddball.

Then Jennifer found out that the gorgeous hunk of a track star, Matt Hendley, was in her corner all the way. With his help Jennifer broke the barrier. Now Jennifer has a new challenge... to place first in Matt's heart.

Series:  Caprice #76
Publishing Details:  Tempo Books. US edition.1985. 134 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 0441489079
Condition:   Moderate cover wear, some storage marks, a faded price in texta on the front, moderate reading crease. Pages intact & tanned.
Weight:  79 gms without packaging.


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