Cedar River Daydreams 10 TOMORROW'S PROMISE by Judy Baer gc


    Tomorrow's Promise
    Judy Baer

    Synopsis:  In Yesterday's Dream Lexi Leighton's personal world collapses around her and her faith in God is shaken, but in the end she is assured that He is still with her. Yet her beloved grandmother only gets worse and so does the darkness of the circumstances Lexi finds herself in.

    Where was all the faith she thought she had? Why can't she seem to remember the helpful things she told her friends when they were having problems? At one time she had thought she could handle anything.

    When she finally realizes she can't control what has happened,light begins to break through. And from unexpected sources!
    The invisible wall that had crept around Lexi's heart must crumble before the Promise!

    ***This is the synopsis on the rear of the book, although it seems to be about a different title. Maybe this book is the sequel to the one mentioned.

    Series: Cedar River Daydreams #10
    Publishing Details:
      Bethany House Publishers, USA. 1990. 125 pages. Softcover.
    Light cover wear, some light storage marks & dents, light reading crease. Pages intact & tanned, a few have age spots.
    118 gms without packaging.


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