Class Of 88 4 REVISED DREAMS by Linda A Cooney

Revised Dreams
Linda A. Cooney

Synopsis:  Nick: Athletic and thoughtful
Celia: Beautiful but vulnerable
Sean: Conscientious but tumultuous
Allie: Wild and insecure
Meg: Dependable but rebellious
For five friends, four years at high school can see a lot of changes.

It's the final year at high school and it's time to reassess. Meg and Nick have to reconcile their feelings and Sean has to forget the past while Celia and Allie try to make up for lost time.

They've had many ups and downs in the past four years and now they are determined to hold on to the one thing they have left - their friendship.

Series:  Class Of '88 #4
Publishing Details:  Armada Books edition. 1988. 198 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 0006930379 and 9780006930372
Condition: Has clear book covering. Moderate cover wear, some storage marks, slight spine tilt, worn spine ends, moderate reading crease. Pages intact & tanned, with a name on the front page.
Weight:  128 gms without packaging.


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