First Love From Silhouette 172 THE NEW MAN by Carrie Lewis us


The New Man
Carrie Lewis

Synopsis: It was a changing world...

But Rick wasn't at all sure he wanted to be part of it. He wasn't really the type to glory in a challenge and to thrive on risks. Yet the very first day of the fall term he would be initiating a project that could quite possibly ruin his reputation, cause his family grief and lose him the girl he loved.

It would take hard work, self-discipline and dedication. No-one would appreciate it. Already he was having nightmares about it. But if he wanted to  salvage his future, he woulave to do it. In the process he would become a new man.

Series:  First Love From Silhouette #172
Publishing Details: 
Silhouette Books USA. 1986. 157 pages. Softcover.
Moderate cover wear, some edge wear, some storage marks, corner creases, moderate reading crease. Pages intact & tanned, with a Christmas dedication to the original owner inside the front cover.
  90 gms without packaging.


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