First Love From Silhouette 182 THE PERFECT 10 by Josephine Wunsch

The Perfect 10
Josephine Wunsch

Synopsis:  Jeremiah had built a stockade around himself... Lisa was determined to tear it down. It had become an obsession with her. Why did she have this crazy feeling that he needed her as much as she needed him? They had only exchanged a half-dozen words, yet he was a puzzle she had to solve. She had to put the pieces together. Why was he staying at the Carruthers's? Where was his family? Why did such a handsome and bright guy seem to be afraid of making friends? Had he been in some sort of trouble? Just exactly who was Jeremiah Church?

Series:  First Love From Silhouette #182
Publishing Details:  Silhouette Books Australia. 1987 Australian edition. 160 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 037306182x
Condition: Light cover wear, some light storage marks, light reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
Weight:  80 gms without packaging.


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