First Love From Silhouette 77 FREE AS A BIRD by Josephine Wunsch

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Free As A Bird
Josephine Wunsch

Synopsis:  Why, oh, why, Debbie wondered, did she have to give up her carefree summer to slave as a junior hostess in a rustic summer hotel?

The hours were horrendous. Her feet were killing her. The lake was too cold for swimming. She was definitely not a country girl, or so she told Tom, her friendly co-worker.

Had he known all along what she had only suspected: that it was high time she left the family nest, that she needed to explore and discover, and that it was just possible that she liked him more than a little?

Series:  First Love From Silhouette #77
Publishing Details:  Silhouette Books Australia. 1985 Australian edition. 191 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 0864321163
Condition: Moderate cover wear, some edge wear, some storage marks, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned, the front & title pages have tears, the top edge of many pages has small nicks or tears - this has no impact of the story text.
Weight:  103 gms without packaging.


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