Heartbreak Cafe 3 in 1 CATCH OF THE DAY + LOVE TO GO + JUST DESSERTS by Janet Quin Harkin


Heartbreak Cafe 3 in 1
Janet Quin-Harkin

#4 Catch Of The Day: Debbie lesley is working a busy summer at the Heartbreak Cafe, but she's got more than her job as a waitress to deal with. Where does she stand with Joe Gabarini, the manager? She needs to know - and quickly - when her surfer friend Art is in danger and she needs Joe's support to help him.

#5 Love To Go:
At last everything is going right for Deborah Lesley - her best friend is working with her at the Heartbreak Cafe, it's a beautiful summer, and now Joe Garbarini, the cool, macho manager, has finally decided that they make a great couple...

But Debbie feels instinctively that trouble is on the way when a mysterious girl, dressed in black, appears in the cafe. Maybe she's being paranoid - Joe thinks she's over-reaching again - but Debbie is determined to stick to her principles.

#6 Just Desserts: Everything seems to be going smoothly at the Heartbreak Cafe for Joe and Debbie. But then a big development corporation descends on Rockley beach and the calm is shattered. Will Joe and his grandfather sell the Heartbreak Cafe? Debbie finds heerself caught in the middle and once again her life is in turmoil...

Series: Heartbreak Cafe
Publishing Details: Armada Books from 1994 as a collection.  UK edition. 158 & 156 & 156 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 0261664182 and 9780261664180
Condition: Good used condition. Moderate cover & edge wear, some storage marks & creases,  moderately creased spine. Pages intact & tanned.
Weight: 268 gms without packaging.

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