Brides Of Wildcat County IMPETUOUS: MATTIE'S STORY by Jude Watson

Impetuous: Mattie's Story
Jude Watson

Fine Ladies of Daring & Adventure, come west to the Gold Fields of CALIFORNIA and make your dreams come true!

Although a year younger than her sister, Mattie Nesbitt has always been  considered the stronger of the two. But even she feels the weight of  despair as they face an uncertain future.

Mattie has nowhere else to turn when she sees the ad for brides. Perhaps  this is their way out. If she and her sister can find husbands, they  won't be fated to a life of loneliness and poverty.

But in California, Mattie discovers she doesn't need a husband. She can  make her own way . . . disguised as a man. So with the right clothes and  a new haircut, Mattie becomes Matt.

Then Mattie meets Sam Jackson Brand. He's as untamed as the Sierra, and his tempestuousness has impassioned Mattie. Mattie knows she must tell Sam the truth. But she has his respect as a man. As a woman, will she  still have it -- and his love, too?

Series:  Brides Of Wildcat County
Publishing Details:  Aladin Paperbacks. 1996. 178 pages plus a preview sample. Softcover.
ISBN: 068980329x
Condition:   Moderate cover wear, some storage marks and bends, a small split to the spine bottom, light reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
Weight:  107 gms without packaging.


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