Forget Me Not THE DRUID STONE by Helen McCann cse

The Druid Stone
Helen McCann

Synopsis:  .Morach, October 1842
Dear Roddie,
Why must we hide our love? I love you, not your past...

You ask me to trust you, yet you tease poor Charlotte with kind words and knowing glances. You act as though you love her, not me.

And I fear Richard loves me. I cannot tell him my heart is with another. Do not make me wait for ever, I can hold on no more...


Series:  Forget Me Not
Publishing Details:  Scholastic. 1998. 188 pages. Paperback.
ISBN 10: 0590139428  ISBN 13: 9780590139427
Condition:   Medium cover wear, the tilted spine has chipped ends, some edge wear, some storage marks & bends, moderate
  reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
Weight:  113 gms without packaging.


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