Forget Me Not THE END OF THE RAINBOW by Donna Baker pmfp

The End Of The Rainbow
Helen McCann

Synopsis:  .Lambeth, London, 1861
Dear Tom,
I'm so sorry we quarrelled. How I wish I hadn't left without telling you.

Please understand, I have to find Grandmother. The lives of my family in Wales depend on her...

Oh, Tom, I think I am in terrible trouble. I'm so afraid and I need you more than ever.

I pray I will see you again.


Series:  Forget Me Not
Publishing Details:  Scholastic. 1998. 220 pages. Paperback.
ISBN 10: 0590139436  ISBN 13: 9780590139434
Condition:   Moderate cover wear, some storage marks & dents, moderate
reading crease. Pages intact & tanned, a mark in pen ion the front page.
Weight:  128 gms without packaging.


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