Forget Me Not THE WHITE COCKADE by Janis Dawson elbel

The White Cockade
Janis Dawson

Synopsis:  Duntore, April 1745
My dearest James,
I wish I could confide in you. I am so afraid!

My cousin Ewan was grievously wounded at Culloden and I must keep him safe. I know in doing so I jeopardize all our lives.

You promised to protect us, and yet you swear to destroy those who follow Bonnie Prince Charlie. Therefore you must hang Ewan as a rebel.

I would tell you the truth, but then Ewan will die. And if I lie, you will love me no more. Either way, my heart will break...


Series:  Forget Me Not
Publishing Details:  Scholastic. 1998. 198 pages plus preview pages. Paperback.
ISBN 10: 0590139479  ISBN 13: 9780590139472
Condition:   Ex library copy, with clear mylar sleeve and some of the usual marks & attachments. Moderate cover wear, some storage marks & dents, light
reading crease. Pages intact & tanned.
Weight:  147 gms without packaging.


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