Sweet Dreams 38 RUNNING MATES by Jocelyn Saal gc

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    Running Mates
    Jocelyn Saal

    Synopsis: Carole and Steve were a couple once. But that seems like a long time ago. Carole thinks Steve is just too conservative. She wants to Change things.

    And what better better place to start than the election for school president? If Steve can run, thinks Carole, so can she. And may the best candidate win.

    Carole's surprised at Steve's support, despite their rivalry. He seems to be changing, opening up, and Carole finds herself falling in love again. But what will happen when the votes are counted and only one is a winner?

    Series: Sweet Dreams #38
    Publishing Details:
      Bantam Books. 1983. 1st printing. UK/Aus edition. 199 pages. Softcover.
    Moderate cover & edge wear, some storage marks, the spine is a little faded, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
    117 gms without packaging.


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