Caprice 32 LOVE NOTES by Leah Dionne

Love Notes
Leah Dionne

Synopsis:  A rock star asked Jeannine for a date. She nearly fainted and when she told Laura and Shelia, they almost flipped. After all, Bobby Harrison was the ultimate!

Then Jeannine met Max, a weird-looking guy the girls considered undatable. Max had a way of making Jeannine feel beautiful, while Bobby made her feel like his shadow. The excitement of being with a rock star or the feeling of being loved - it's a hard choice to make!

One night, at a wild concert, the hip-swinging, ego-tripping Bobby sings a song about the things he and Jeannine were supposed to have done. Now Jeannine knows she has to set the record straight...

Series:  Caprice #32
Publishing Details:  Tempo Books. US edition.1984. 152 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 0441497020
Condition:   Moderate cover & medium edge wear, some storage marks & corner creases, spine iedge has peeling on the bottom, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
Weight:  92 gms without packaging.


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