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    Sweet Dreams Collection 3 in 1

    #34 Country Girl
    Melinda Pollowitz

    Synopsis:   Edie falls for Sean as soon as she sets eyes on him. But soon after they begin dating, he suddenly drops her for another girl. Hurt and angry, Edie thinks she'll never be able to forget him.

    Then she meets Jake. Fun-loving and caring, he makes Edie feel warm and happy inside. They spend long, happy days laughing together and taking quiet walks in the country. Part of Edie is sure that Jake is the boy for her, but after losing Sean, she's awfully frightened. Can Jake's feelings for her really be as strong and true as he claims? Can she learn to give her heart again?

    #28 Trusting Hearts
    Jocelyn Saal

    Synopsis:   Kathy's overjoyed when she lands an after school job at the local animal hospital, and at the same time her old friend Dean becomes more romantic toward her. Then he starts to resent the long hours she puts in, and their new love seems about to fall apart. Will she have to make a choice.

    #15 Thinking Of You
    Jeanette Nobile

    Synopsis: Is Fran too smart to fall in love? Fran's tired of being called a "brain"... and missing all the fun! She wants to be like everyone else for a change - to go to parties, have dates, and fall in love. Can she gets Paul to notice her... change her image just a little... and still be herself?

    Series:  Sweet Dreams
    Publishing Details:  Bantam Books. UK edition. 1988 as a collection. 1st printing. 182, 186 & 165 pages. Softcover.
    ISBN: 0553176153
    Condition:  Moderate cover wear, some storage marks & corner creases, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned, with liquid paper covering writing inside the front cover.
    Weight:  250 gms without packaging.


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