Sweet Dreams 122 STARS IN HER EYES by Dee Daley pmlp

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    Stars In Her Eyes
    Dee Daley

    Synopsis: Until now, Linda Wills thought Shane Harley was out of her league. After all, he's gorgeous and popular, and his band is a big hit. Then Shane turns his attention toward her - and even sings a love song to her in front of all her friends!

    Linda is dizzy with love. Shane takes her to movies, for walks in the park - he even introduces her to Italian pastries and cappuccino. Soon, however Shane starts showing up late for dates, or cancelling them altogether. Linda is beginning to wonder whether there's really room for her in Shane's world, and whether she should risk having her heart broken.

    Series:Sweet Dreams #122
    Publishing Details:Bantam Books. 1987 UK/NZ/Australia edition.  166 pages. Softcover.
    Condition:  Light cover wear, a few light storage marks, no reading crease. Pages intact & tanned, with a mark in pen on the series titles list page.
    Weight:99 gms without packaging.

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