Dream Your Own Romance 1 SUMMER LOVE by Elizabeth Carroll

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Summer Love
Elizabeth Carroll

Synopsis: You're going to be working at camp this summer. It's a little frightening... and very exciting. You hardly know a soul, but as you look around, the romantic possibilities seem endless!

There's Jeff, the boy next door who has suddenly become quite a charmer. Are your feelings changing from friendship to something deeper?

There's Phil, the boating instructor, who takes to you immediately. But is he too demanding?

Alex is lovely. He has a gentleness you are attracted to. But is he sincere?

It's a summer of changing relationships. You will have your hands full trying to sort out all these and other romantic dilemmas. But no matter what happens -- it depends on you. Whether or not you have the romance of your dreams will be decided by the pages you choose!

Series: Dream Your Own Romance 1
Publishing Details: A Carousel Book from Transworld Publishers. Published 1984. UK/Aus/NZ edition. 121 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 0552522538 & 9780552522533
Condition: Good used condition. Has clear book covering. Light cover wear, some light storage marks, light reading crease. Pages intact & lightly tanned, with a name on the front page.
Weight: 78 gms without packaging.

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