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Welcome to Sweet Hearts Romance Books new site.
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The Contact Us option has been disabled for now. It has been getting a massive number of spam messages & enough is enough. I'll find out what other options there are that will be more secure. Blocking IP addresses is very time consuming and a pain in the butt.

It's a long time since I posted any news. As you can tell by the lack of new listings I haven't been very productive. Hope to change that soon. Australia Post increased some postage costs on October 1st & I've just updated them to reflect that. Many international prices actually decreased & new letter rate categories were introduced - but really they were reintroduced as this is what was available prior to 2012 when they deleted the 2 bottom weight ranges.

A start has been made on listing Sweet Valley High books. The plan is to list a few of those and then a few from the 1980s series that I took over 500 photos of at Easter, then more SVH, then more 1980s, etc etc. The resident teenager has passed his cold onto me, so I might take a break from listing for a few days. Might. :)

I have finally worked out how to get the contact form working on the page it should be accessible on. Woohoo. Baby steps. Just need to find motivation for the dreaded taking of photos so I can get more series listed. Sadly, motivation hasn't been on special lately. :)

17/03/2017 Happy St Patrick's Day.

If anyone has been trying to place an order and the system hasn't sent an email as a receipt/invoice/order acknowledgement or if you made a PayPal payment but it hasn't cleared from your account, please try again. I became aware last Sunday night that the default setting for PayPal was test mode, which I most certainly didn't set up as it is usually a developer thing & I already knew what to do to set up PayPal payments. An update at some stage while I was working on the site has changed this & I just didn't notice. At least now PayPal is working.

But for some reason I'm not getting order emails if the system decides an order is Incomplete & doesn't automatically set it as Pending, but at least the PayPal payment was successful so I knew there was an order. Having to manually mark books as out of stock is easy, but it's supposed to happen automatically. More teething problems with this site than I expected, but give it time & I'll muddle through it albeit probably with less hair from tearing it out now & then. I will just have to keep a closer on on things and not have complete faith thaat the technology will work how I want it to. That is easy. :)

23/02/2017  WooHoo! Finally!
Thanks to a lovely customer, take a bow Jen, I finally got the nerve up to close the old site and open this new version today. I've been working on this one for about 2 years now, on and off thanks to now resolved health issues. I hope you like it, as I do. I have learnt a lot doing the behind the scenes stuff and still have a lot more to learn. You will notice the lack of books in most categories. Over the coming weeks and months that will all be resolved. This one is more mobile friendly. I have so much planned for Sweet Hearts 2.0 but it will take time. Also the site is secured with a GeoTrust SSL, which will be much to Google's liking. :)

This shopping cart site needs customers who register to create a user name for added security. Even I had to do that. As far as I know I as admin don't have access to the user names, I never had access to any passwords on the old site either. Customer details weren't able to be moved over so registration will need to be done again. I know, it's a pain!  

A word of warning. If you do decide to follow me on Twitter I do sometimes get a tad hot under the collar about Aussie politics, some social justice issues, feminist issues, racism, misogyny & sexism, intolerance of all kinds, equality, etc etc. And I do swear at times as well, not all the time though. :) Don't follow if that's an issue, I won't mind. The Facebook page is a sadly neglected one. Feel free to chat on there if you like. Should I start a group there for teen romance buyers?

28/02/17  I hope the official end of summer hasn't been too rough for you. Being in Australia we know that summer ain't over until Mother Nature decides it is, just disregard the calendar for seasons here.
I have just finished installing the GeoTrust RapidSSL brand of security. I don't blame you if you don't understand it & your eyes glaze over. Pretty much my reaction when I first heard of it a few years ago. But Google likes sites that are more secure for customers, browsers, etc. Those sites get first dibs in search results. And acheivement unlocked as I installed it myself, added the RapidSSL logo, etc. Last times I had to get someone to do it for me. Fingernail polishing has been done. :)

Still going on the Love Stories listing. Next will be the Seniors series.