Love Stories Brothers Trilogy 1 DANNY by Zoe Zimmerman


Zoe Zimmerman

Synopsis:  Danny's ready for a long, hot summer . . . but how hot will it get? Find out in Danny, the first in the Brothers trilogy.

She has a tattoo. Dyed hair. Five earrings in each ear (and another near her navel). She's not Danny's type; she'd never fit in with his crowd. It's not like he's Mr. Clean-Cut, but Raven is way out there. So why does he like her so much? And what is he gonna do when she transfers to his school in September?

Series: Love Stories Brothers Trilogy #1
Publishing Details: Bantam Books. 2000 USA edition, printed in the USA.  180 pages plus a few advice pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 0553493221
Condition:  Moderate cover wear, some edge wear, a small peeled area on the back, some storage marks, slight spine tilt, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
Weight: 107 gms without packaging.

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