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Looking For Love
Eileen Goudge

Synopsis:  Stephanie Burroughs is on the right track at last. She's won the science scholarship to college, has an adoring boyfriend, and gets along well with her foster family, the Enomotos. If only she could locate the mother who abandoned her when she was five, life would be perfect.

But no-one understands her obsession with the past. It's always been a strain on her romance with Rick. After all, he loves her. Why should she search for a mother who obviously didn't?

On her own Stephanie pursues every lead. When she finds her mother in another town, she is shocked - Billie is not what Stephanie expected. Even worse, Billie appears to be seriously ill. Torn between all that she loves in Glenwood and loyalty to a mother who really needs her, Stephanie must make a heartbreaking choice. Will this decision destroy her only chance for happiness, or can Stephanie finally stop looking for love?

Series: Seniors #14
Publishing Details: Bantam Books. 1986 Australia & NZ edition. 156 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 0553172190
Condition:  Has clear book covering. Light cover wear, some light storage marks, light reading crease. Pages intact & tanned, with old staining from the tape securing the book covering.
Weight: 92 gms without packaging.

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