Seniors 4 AFRAID TO LOVE by Eileen Goudge ss

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Afraid To Love
Eileen Goudge

Synopsis:  Tall and slender, with long blonde hair, a perfect smile and ocean blue eyes, Lori Woodhouse is a beauty by everyone's definition - except her own. In her mind she's still the overweight girl she used to be before she moved to Glenwood a year ago. But nobody knows about the old Lori. Not even Kit, Alex or Elaine, her best friends. Even worse, they don't realise that Lori is hiding an alcoholic father.

But Lori's plan to keep her past a secret threatens to backfire when Perry, a boy from her old school, moves into the area. The harder Lori tries to avoid him, the more he chases after her. Lori's friends tell her she's crazy not to give good looking Perry a chance.....

Series: Seniors #4
Publishing Details: Bantam Books. 1985 Australia & NZ edition. 153 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 0553171100
Condition:  Moderate cover wear, medium edge wear, the spine is split on both ends, some storage marks & creases, medium reading creases. Pages intact & tanned, with the top corner of the front page torn off.
Weight: 90 gms without packaging.

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