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P.S. I Love You
Barbara Conklin

Synopsis: When her father left after the divorce, Mariah lost her sense of family. Now she's lost her special summer too. Instead of fulfilling her dream to become a writer, Mariah has to help her mother with a house-sitting job in very rich, very snobby Palm Springs. People with a lot of money make Mariah uncomfortable.

Until she meets Paul Strobe, the rich boy next door. Paul's not a snob and he doesn't act superior. In fact, his sandy hair and piercing blue eyes break down all Mariah's defences. With Paul, Palm Springs becomes the most romantic place on Earth.

But Paul has to go into hospital for some tests and then an operation. He's seriously ill and all his family's money can't help him.

Will Mariah lose Paul too, just when she's found her first love? 

Series:  Sweet Dreams #1
Publishing Details: 
Bantam Books. Australia/New Zealand edition. 1984. 17th printing. 182 pages. Softcover.
Moderate cover wear, some edge wear, some storage marks & a few small chips on the back, medium reading creases. Pages intact & tanned, with a name on the bottom of the front page.
104 gms without packaging.


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