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Falling In Love Again
Barbara Conklin

Synopsis: Mariah's not one of those girls who's never been kissed. Once. It seems like a thousand years ago. But Paul died, and Mariah thinks she'll never find anyone as special again.

She hadn't counted on the school play, though. Somehow her crazy friend Amy ropes her into working on the props. Before she knows it, Mariah's the understudy for the female lead! And she can't help but notice Dan Gordon, the male lead.

When Dan asks her out, Mariah doesn't know what to think. He's sweet and funny and understanding - but she can't forget Paul. His memory seems to always be between them.

Then Dan tires of being second best, and Mariah knows she must choose - between Dan who loves her now, and Paul who loved her first...

Series: Sweet Dreams #23
Publishing Details: 
Bantam Books. 1982. 3rd printing. 166 pages. Softcover.
Battered, well-read condition. Heavy cover & edge wear, with many storage marks & creases, the tilted & faded spine has old tape repairs & old wide tape reinforcing, medium reading creases. coloured stickers on the front. Pages intact & tanned, with liquid paper on the front page.
103 gms without packaging.


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