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The Trouble With Charlie
Jaye Ellen

Synopsis: Here's Charlie. She has two big brothers so her dating life must be terrific. Right? Wrong!
Her brothers act like watch dogs everywhere she goes and all the best guys have been scared off. Now only the wrong guys ask her out. Charlie's about to give up altogether.

Then Charlie gets friendly with Andy, the terrific guy who lives next door. But Andy's always helping her get dates with other guys. And what's worse, he's her brothers' pal. Boy, has Charlie got boy trouble!

Series: Sweet Dreams #24
Publishing Details: 
Bantam Books. 1982. 3rd printing. 166 pages. Softcover.
Moderate cover & edge wear, with some storage marks & creases, faded & split spine, medium reading creases. Pages intact & tanned, with a book exchange stamp on the front page.
100 gms without packaging.


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