Sweet Dreams 4 PRINCESS AMY by Melinda Pollowitz nfc

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Princess Amy
Melinda Pollowitz

Synopsis: Spending a month at an isolated summer retreat with her rich relatives didn't sound like much fun to Amy.  But she hadn't counted on being swept off her feet by a boy as handsome and wild as Guy.  His smile and the way he calls her "Princess" make her feel weak all over.  Is Guy serious, or is he just a spoiled rich kid playing with Amy's emotions?

Then there's Pete, so down-to-earth.  His big hand on Amy's shoulder gives her a feeling of security and warmth she's never felt before.  But Pete just works on the island.  He's not one of the fast crowd.

Two incredible boys from two very different worlds... and Amy must choose.

Series: Sweet Dreams #4
Publishing Details:
  Bantam Books. 1981. 6th printing. 168 pages. Softcover.
  Moderate cover & edge wear, some storage marks & small creases, medium reading creases, initials in pen on the back. Pages intact & tanned, with a name inside the front.
  99 gms without packaging.


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