Sweet Dreams 8 THE THOROUGHBRED by Joanna Campbell bc

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The Thoroughbred
Joanna Campbell

Synopsis: Things have always come easy for Maura - good looks, good grades and a real talent for horseback riding. So when she and her friend Jill start their summer at a horse farm, Maura decides she's going to win first prize in the annual horse show.

Then Maura meets Kevin, a dark, handsome boy who rides as if he was born on a horse. Riding with Kevin is like dancing with a wonderfully graceful partner, and for the first time Maura falls in love. But Kevin wants too much from her too soon and she's scared. She needs a little breathing space.

***Joanna Campbell is the author of the popular Thoroughbred series. She also wrote books in Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley and Caitlin series. Joanna Campbell is also known as Jo Ann Simon.

Series: Sweet Dreams #8
Publishing Details: 
Bantam Books. 1981. 1st printing. 163 pages. Softcover.
Had clear adhesive book covering. Moderate cover wear, some storage marks, there's a small piece of book covering missing on the back, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned, with a number stamped on the front page.
102 gms without packaging.


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