Sweet Dreams 48 DIAL L FOR LOVE by Marian Woodruff bc

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    Dial L For Love
    Marian Woodruff

    Synopsis: Mattie Winston's got what most girls at Port Kearney High only dream about: Hank Butterfield, the best looking , greatest ice hockey play at school. Mattie ought to be happy, but there's something about Hank that makes her nervous - he's so reserved at school. But at night he turns into a real Romeo - on the telephone!

    Mattie must discover the real Hank before she continues dating him - and getting those romantic phone calls.

    Series: Sweet Dreams #48
    Publishing Details:
      Bantam Books. US/Aus edition. 1983. 1st printing. 132 pages plus 20 preview pages. Softcover.
      Has clear book covering. Light cover wear, a few light storage marks, light reading crease. Pages intact & tanned. The tape securing the book covering sometimes sticks to the front page.
      90 gms without packaging.


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