Sweet Dreams Authors

The alphabetical list of Sweet Dreams authors

Where possible in this list I have included authors real names and/or other pseudonyms that they wrote/write under. Any names with no extra information means I couldn’t find any info other than the title/s of the Sweet Dreams book/s they wrote. The list is arranged alphabetically by author surname, from A to W.

Anna Aaron. #40 Secrets.
This is a pseudonym for Neil R Shelden, who also wrote a title for the Wishing Star romance series and the 1980s teen horror series Twilight: Where Darkness Begins.

Jeanne Andrews. #21 All’s Fair In Love.

Mandy Anson. #185 Focus On Love.

Judy Baer.
#148 Riddles Of Love.

#161 My Perfect Valentine.
#167 Working At Love.
Judy Baer also wrote using the name Judy Kaye. She wrote for other teen romance series – First Love From Silhouette, Cedar River Day Dreams, as well as inspirational/Christian themed teen romances from SpringFlower. She now writes adult Christian themed romances for Harlequin and Bethany House, as well as mystery series for children.

Jane Ballard. #169 Golden Girl.

Jahnna Beecham.
#125 Parade Of Hearts.
#130 Dance With Me.
#139 The Right Combination.
#143 Crazy For You.
#149 Practice Makes Perfect.

Jahnna Beecham was a ghost writer, with her husband Malcolm Hillgartner, for The Babysitters Club series using the name Jahnna N Malcolm.

Shannon Blair.
#69 Call Me Beautiful.
#79 Star Struck!
#88 Wrong Kind Of Boy.
#92 Kiss And Tell.
Shannon Blair is a pseudonym used by children’s author Marilyn Kaye. Marilyn wrote a romance for the Changes series in the 1990s, but mostly wrote & writes childrens books.

Susan Blake.
#60 Summer Breezes.
#84 The Last Word.
#150 Summer Secrets.
#162 Trading Hearts.
Special: A Change Of Heart.
Susan Blake is a pseudonym used by Susan Wittig Albert. Ms Albert now writes mysteries, notably the China Bayles series. She was also one of many authors who wrote Nancy Drew books under the name of Carolyn Keene.

Janet Adele Bloss. #156 Two Boys Too Many.
This is the only teen romance book that I can find written by this author. She mainly wrote & still writes childrens books, series such as Grade Four and Grade Five and the Treetop Tales.

Janice Boies.
#114 Just The Way You Are.
#124 More Than Friends.
#138 Heart And Soul.
#158 Crossed Signals.
#164 Playing To Win.
#174 Love On Strike.
Janice Boies also wrote as Carrie Austen, Alison Blair and Jan Bradford. As Carrie Austen she wrote the 1980s teen series Party Line.

 Carla Bracale.
#163 My Dream Guy.
#168 Dream Date.
#175 Puppy Love.
#182 Down With Love.
#187 Fair-Weather Love.

Carla wrote teen romances using her maiden name of Bracale for Sweet Dreams and First Kiss, Using her married name of Carla Cassidy she writes romance books for Harlequin and Mills & Boon.

Margaret Burman.
#16 How Do You Say Goodbye?

#45 Dream Prom.

Sharon Cadwallader. #119 Star-Crossed Love.
Sharon Cadwallader mainly wrote recipe books from the 1970s to the 1990s. She also co-wrote a few childrens books.

Joanna Campbell.
#8 The Thoroughbred.
#22 Secret Identity.
#52 Love Notes.
Joanna Campbell also wrote some of the Caitlin series of teen romances that were created by Francine Pascal. She was also the author of the long running Thoroughbred series. She now w
rites adult romances as Jo Ann Simon.

Jean F Capron. #78 Never Say No.

Angela Cash.
#211 Dreamskate.
#229 Rich In Romance.
Many of the big online booksellers who list on sites like Amazon & Abe Books wrongly list Dreamskate as being titled Dreamstake by Francine Pascal – why a database programmer would make a mistake like that the first time is a puzzle, but why other programmers have copied that mistake is just outright idiocy. It’s a mistake to watch out for as the book probably won’t show in searches for the correct name, obviously.

Marian Caudell.
#99 One Boy Too Many.
#112 Listen To Your Heart.

Sheri Cobb South.
#176 Wrong Way Romance.
#186 That Certain Feeling.
#192 The Cinderella Game.
#214 Don’t Bet On Love.
#228 Blame It On Love.
Sheri Cobb South now writes adult mysteries and romances set in the regency period.

Barbara Conklin.#1 P.S. I Love You.
#13 The Summer Jenny Fell In Love.
#23 Falling In Love Again.
#36 Summer Dreams.
#67 I Believe In You.
#72 Goodbye Forever.
#96 First, Last And Always.
#141 Winter Dreams.
Despite being one of the most favoured Sweet Dreams authors, there isn’t much info about Barbara Conklin on the internet.
She only wrote these Sweet Dreams books, I haven’t found anything suggesting she wrote for other series or genres.

J.B. Cooper. #204 Picture Perfect Romance.

Marion Crane: #87 Programmed For Love.
This is a pseudonym used by Rodney Vaccaro. He is an Emmy winning script writer, has written plays and a few novels.

Alice O Crawford. #59 Please Say Yes.

Diane Michele Crawford.
#195 Comedy Of Errors.
#205 Cowboy Kisses.

Some of the mega sellers who list on Amazon and Abe Books and other sites wrongly list Francine Pascal as the author of Cowboy Kisses. Again with the database errors being copied.

Stefanie Curtis.
#118 Heart To Heart. (This can be quite a hard book to find copies of.)
#126 Here’s My Heart.
#140 Love Detour.
#157 Mr Perfect.

Alison Dale. #166 Three’s A Crowd.
The only info I can find on this author suggests she is a freelance writer, doing articles for medical and other magazines.

Dee Daley. #122 Stars In Her Eyes.

Nikki Danner. #218 Face Up To Love.

Sharon Dennis. #137 Rocky Romance.
This is NOT childrens author Sharon Dennis Wyeth.

Celia Dickinson. #71 Too Many Boys.

Jesse DuKore.
#29 Never Love A Cowboy.
#44 Long Distance Love.
Jesse DuKore also wrote 2 Wildfire titles.

Jaye Ellen. #24 The Trouble With Charlie.
A pseudonym for mystery writer Joan Lowery Nixon, who died in 2003. She also wrote westerns and childrens books.

Kate Emburg. #225 Recipe For Love.
The author also wrote for some 1990s teen romance series, mainly Love Stories (Bantam Love Stories to any American readers). She is also the author of the young adult mystery series, Susan Slutt Girl Sleuth. She also runs a website dedicated to the Nancy Drew series, nancydrewslueth.com

Arlene Erlbach.  #221 A Little More To Love.
The author is now a teacher and has written many young adult books, mainly non fiction. She also wrote teen romance for Silhouette’s Crosswinds series.

Terri Fields.
#70 Special Someone.
#102 Hearts Don’t Lie.
#117 The Other Me.
#129 A Vote For Love.
Terri Fields wrote 16 young adult books, only a few are teen romances, she continues to write mystery series for younger teens as well as teaching high school.

Shan Finney.
#135 Geared For Romance.
#147 Trust In Love.

Lois I Fisher.
#30 Little White Lies.
#54 I Can’t Forget You.
Lois Fisher wrote just the 2 teen romance books. She also wrote a few humourous books for the 10 to 12 age group.

Stephanie Foster.
#58 Rythm Of Love.
#66 Love Times Two.
#75 First Summer Love.
SD Special: A Chance To Love.

Susan Gorman.
#145 This Time For Real.
#155 The Game Of Love.

Yvonne Greene.
#5 Little Sister.
#9 Cover Girl.
#91 The Love Hunt.
Sweet Dreams Models Handbooks: Making Your Dreams Come True.
Yvonne Greene also wrote the Kelly Blake Teen Model series.

Diana Gregory.
#74 Don’t Forget Me.
#90 Two’s A Crowd.
#98 Love Is In The Air.
#102 Cross My Heart.
#128 One Boy At A Time.
Diana Gregory also wrote a book in the Turning Points choose your own ending type teen romance. She also wrote
some of the Caitlin series created by Francine Pascal.

Frances Hurley Grimes.
#154 Love Lines.
Frances Grimes also wrote for the First Love From Silhouette and the Sweet Savage Sophomore Year teen romance series.

Catt Hastings. #208 Romance On The Run.

Maggie Hayes. #212 Highland Hearts.

Bette R Headapohl.
#188 Play Me A Love Song.
#203 Lessons In Love.
#233 Follow Your Heart.
Bette Headapohl has the distinction of being the author of the very last book in the Sweet Dreams series.

Eileen Hehl.
#95 No Strings Attached.
#110 Playing Games.
#133 Playing The Field.
#194 Lucky In Love.
#230 Happily Ever After.
Eileen Hehl also wrote the Janet Quin-Harkin created mini series Sweet Dreams On Our Own. She also wrote for Wildfire
and has written a few romances for adults.

Jill Jarnow.
#80 A Shot At Love.
#108 One Of The Boys. (this seems to be a reasonably hard to find title)
#142 Lifeguard Summer.
As well as writing these 3 Sweet Dreams books, Jill Jarnow has written and illustrated childrens books and also written non fiction books on writing.

Caryn Jenner. #196 Clashing Hearts.
Caryn Jenner is the author of many non-fiction childrens books. She also wrote a series of books with James Bond Junior as the main character.

Janetta Johns. #41 The Truth About Me And Bobby V.
This was a pseudonym, used only once as far as I can find, for Janet Quin-Harkin.

Sandy Jones.
#202 Love On Wheels.
#222 Fool For Love.

Deborah Kent.
#47 Te Amo Means I Love You.
#77 Ten Speed Summer.
SD Special: Taking The Lead.
Deborah Kent also wrote for Wildfire and Wishing Star teen romance series. She wrote other series, stand alone novels and non-fiction for young adults.

Susan Kirby.
#184 Too Good To Be True.
#198 Partners In Love.
#207 My Secret Heart.
Susan Kirby is also the author of the young adult historical fiction series, American Quilts.

Marcie Kremer. #226 Aloha Love.
This is a pseudonym used by childrens author Margo Sorenson for her one and only teen romance. She still writes fiction & non-fiction for children and younger teens.

Kelly Kroeger.
#191 Backstage Romance.
#232 The Love Line. (this is a hard to find title and is often listed for exorbitant prices on Amazon, etc)
Kelly Kroeger is the daughter of fellow Sweet Dreams writer June O’Connell.

Pamela Laskin. #173 Music From The Heart.
Pamela Laskin is the writer of picture books for children, young adult fiction, poetry and chap books.

Nancy Levinson. #94 Second Chances.
Also known as Nancy Smiler Levinson, she is the author of more than 25 books for young adults and children. She is also a regular writer for the childrens reading section of the LA Times newspaper in California.

Laurie Lykken.
#132 Winner Takes All.
#144 Priceless Love.
#153 The Perfect Catch.
#170 Rock ‘N’ Roll Sweetheart.
#177 The Truth About Love.
#189 Cheating Heart.
#210 Oh, Promise Me.
Laurie Lykken is the author of 21 novels for young adults. She is now a teacher in the college and community college sector in her home state.

Carol MacBain.
#116 Heartbreak Hill.
#136 Standby For Love.

Kathryn Makris.
#106 Mission: Love.
Kathryn Makris also wrote teen romances for First Love From Silhouette and Wildfire. She is also the author of the Almost Sisters series, the Two By Two series and, most notably, the young adult novel Crosstown, which was made into a popular TV movie with the script written by Ms Makris.

Gailanne Maravel.
#27 Too Young For Love.
#50 Lights, Camera, Love.

Janet Maxwell. #231 Love Notes.
This is a quite hard to find title that is often listed on sites like Amazon for exorbitant prices.

Elisabet McHugh. #183 The Real Thing.

Fran Michaels.
#120 Mr Wonderful.
#1134 Past Perfect.

Jeanette Nobile.
#15 Thinking Of You.
#37 Portrait Of Love.

June O’Connell.
#181 Time Out For Love.
#193 Love On The Upbeat.
#201 His And Hers.
June O’Connell is the mother of fellow Sweet Dreams author Kelly Kroeger. She also wrote at least one stand alone teen romance novel.

Ann Park.
#19 Love Song.
#43 Tender Loving Care.
#83 Love By The Book.

Lauren M Phelps.
#197 The News Is Love.
#224 Boyfriend Blues.
Lauren Phelps also wrote a few adult series romances for Avalon.

Nancy Pines. #55 Spotlight On Love.
Nancy Pine only wrote the one teen romance book. She worked for various book publishers and is the writer of the
Garfield The Movie novelisation. She now works in advertising and marketing.

Jane Polcovar. #82 Hey Good Looking.
Jane Polcovar also wrote a book in the young adult series, Dark Forces. She also wrote a few non-fiction books for young adults.

Melinda Pollowitz.
#4 Princess Amy.
#34 Country Girl.

Janet Quin-Harkin.
#6 California Girl.
#10 Love Match.
#18 Ten-Boy Summer.
#32 Exchange Of Hearts.
#53 Ghost Of A Chance.
#61 Exchange Of Hearts.
#65The Two Of Us.
#68 Lovebirds.
#89 101 Ways To Meet Mr. Right.
#93 The Great Boy Chase.
#100 Follow That Boy.
#127 My Best Enemy.
SD Special: My Secret Love.
SD Special: Never Say Goodbye.
On Our Own mini series (sub written by Eileen Hehl)
#1 The Graduates.
#2 The Trouble With Toni.
#3 Out Of Love.
#4 Old Friends, New Friends.
#5 Growing Pains.
#6 Best Friends Forever.
As Janet Quin-Harkin she wrote for many teen romance series. Sweet Dreams, Sugar & Spice, Heartbreak Cafe, Senior Year, Boyfriend Club, Love Stories, Changes Romance, Caprice, True Love, Wildfire, and also used the name Janetta Johns for one Sweet Dreams title. She wrote the Sister Sister series, TGIF series and Friends series for teens. She also wrote picture books for younger children. Using the name Rhys Bowen, Janet now writes adult mysteries. At one stage in her life she lived in Australia while writing for the ABC TV network, she met her husband in Australia.

Suzanne Rand.
#3 Laurie’s Song.
#7 Green Eyes.
#17 Ask Annie.
#49 Too Much To Lose.
#57 On Her Own.
#62 Just Like The Movies.
#76 Three Cheers For Love.
#85 The Boy She Left Behind.
Winners Mini Series.
#1 The Girl Most Likely.
#2 All-American Girl.
#3 The Good Luck Girl.
Despite being one of the more prolific Sweet Dreams authors there is no other information to be found about Suzanne Rand, at least as far as I could find.

Jane Redish. #115 Promise Me Love.

Elizabeth Reynolds.
#105 The Perfect Boy.
#111 Stolen Kisses.
Elizabeth Reynolds also wrote a First Love From Silhouette title and a few non-fiction books.

Ann Richards. #152 Cross Country Match.

Carolyn Ross. #97 Dancing In The Dark.

Jocelyn Saal.
#14 Dance Of Love.
#28 Trusting Hearts.
#38 Running Mates.
#46 On Thin Ice.

Helen Santori. #220 My Funny Guy.

Betty Jo Schuler. #223 Heartthrob.
Betty Jo wrote other teen romance books in the 1990s & early 2000s. She writes adult romance, has written some childrens books and was a teacher until retiring to write.

Mary Schultz.
#131 Hand Me Down Heart.
#151 Fortunes Of Love. (this can be a hard to find title)

Joanne Simbal.
#146 Gifts From The Heart.
#159 The Long Shot.

Linda Joy Singleton.
#180 Opposites Attract.
#190 Almost Perfect.
#200 Love To Spare.
#215 Deep In My Heart.
#227 Dreamboat.

As well as the 5 Sweet Dreams books, LJ Singleton has written young adult mystery, supernatural and fantasy series. The Seer, Dead Girl, Regeneration and Strange Encounters series, Goth Girl Mysteries, a choose your own ending teen romance, a book from the My Sister The Ghost series. She is still an active author and has written more than 25 young adult books.

Susan Sloate.
#179 Racing Hearts.
#217 Head Over Heels.
Susan Sloate has written 16 fiction and non-fiction books for young adults, with some of them being biographies aimed at younger audiences than is traditional for such books.

Virginia Smiley.
#123 Love In The Wings.
#160 Blue Ribbon Romance.
Virginia Smiley also wrote a title for First Love From Silhouette.

Debra Spector.
#12 Night Of The Prom.
#31 Too Close For Comfort.
#39 First Love.
#51 Magic Moments.
#81 Secret Admirer.
#101 Wrong For Each Other.
What’s with all the 1s for Debra Spector’s Sweet Dreams books? :)

Stephanie St. Pierre.
#165 A Brush With Love.
#172 Sun-Kissed.
#178 Project Boyfriend.
Stephanie also wrote picture books for younger children, as well as books in the Rugrats and Sesame
Street series. She also wrote a bigraphy of Muppets creator, Jim Henson.

Barbara Steiner. #107 If You Love Me.
Barbara Steiner also wrote a teen romance for Wildfire, as well as many of the typical 1980s & 90s teen horrors & supernatural thriller books for Scholastic.

Janice Stevens. #104 Playing For Keeps.

Peggy Teeters. #209 Weekend Romance.

Rosemary Vernon.
#2 The Popularity Plan.
#11 The Problem With Love.
#20 The Popularity Summer.
#33 Dear Amanda.
#64 Love In The Fast Lane.
#73 Language Of Love.
#86 Questions Of Love.

Rosemary Vernon also wrote 2 Caprice titles.

Rhondi Vilott. #25 Her Secret Self.
Theis author is also known under the following names: Rhondi Willot, Emily Drake, Anne Knight, Elizabeth Forrest, Charles Ingrid, Rhondi Vilott Salsitz, R.A.V Salsitz, Jenna Rhodes and Rhondi Greening. She is more known for writing fantasy and science fiction.

Sydell Voeller. #216 Careless Whispers.
Sydell still writes romance books for teens and adults.

Susan Jo Wallach. #171 Acting On Impulse.

Andrea Warren. SD Special: Searching For Love.
Andrea Warren is also a journalist. She still writes historical non-fiction for children.

Jan Washburn. #213 Finders Keepers.

Alicyn Watts. #206 Moonlight Melody.

Charlotte White. #109 No More Boys.

Barbara Wilson. #219 Heartstrings.

Julia Winfield.
#113 Private Eyes.
#121 Only Make Believe.
Private Eyes mini series.
#1 Partners In Crime.
#2 Tug Of Hearts.
#3 Dangerous Ground.

Anne Herron Wolfe. #199 Wings Of Love.
Anne Wolfe also wrote childrens horror
books for series such as Fright Time, Twin Spins, and a few mysteries for older children. Using the name Hillary Wolfe she wrote a book in the You-Solve-It Mystery series.

Marian Woodruff.
#26 It Must Be Magic.
#35 Forbidden Love.
#38 Dial L For Love.
#42 The Perfect Match.
#63 Kiss Me, Creep.
Marian Woodruff is a pseudonym used by Eileen Goudge, the author of the Seniors and Swept Away series as well as some of the Sweet Valley series. She continues to write womens fiction, has written a cook book, and writes for magazines.