The Zodiac Club 4 LIBRA'S DILEMMA by E M Rees ctc


Libra's Dilemma
E M Rees

Synopsis: Love or honour - must Mara make a choice?
For Mara Bennett, the perfect Libra, every story has two sides. But when her boyfriend Doug, soccer star at Collingwood High, is involved in a cheating scandal, it's hard for Mard to remain an impartial judge.

When Doug takes her into his confidence, Mara is sworn to secrecy. She longs to ask her Zodiac Club friends what to do, but some of them are on the school judicial committee...and what about her loyalty to Doug? Should Mara defend the guy she loves - or the principles she lives by?

Series: The Zodiac Club 4
Publishing Details:  Pacer Books from 1984. First print. USA edition. 158 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 039921108x
Condition:  Average used condition. Moderate cover wear, some edge wear, a heavy corner crease on the front, some storage marks, moderate reading crease. Pages intact & tanned.
Weight:  89 gms without packaging.

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