There's Always Danny by Jean Ure


There's Always Danny
Jean Ure

Synopsis: Mr Morrison stopped her in the corridor. "How about if I were to drop round this evening? Would that be OK?"

Kate and Danny always go around together, especially now that Vanessa and Ned have become a definite couple. But Danny is her best mate, not her boyfriend, so why should he act all snappy and bad-tempered when it looks like someone else might be taking an interest in Kate? Even when the someone else turns out to be their Drama tutor, Paul Morrison, inviting himself over to see the new flat she and Vanessa have just moved into.

And then there's Josh - her volatile fellow-student. Nobody really knows anything about Josh, so what does it mean when he asks Kate back to his place to rehearse and meet his flatmate? Suddenly Kate is no longer sure what - or who - she really wants...
**This is the second book in a trilogy of stories about Kate, Vanessa, Danny and Ned. The first book is Trouble With Vanessa, which is not available on this site. The third book Say Goodbye is available at the time of listing this title.

Series: Freeway
Publishing Details:
  Corgi UK. 1989. 188 pages. Softcover.
0552524298 and 97805524292
Moderate cover wear, some storage marks & bends & creases, there are outlines from the book being used as a writing base, light reading creases. Pages intact & tanned, with age spots on some.
  108 gms without packaging.


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