What's Happening To My Junior Year by Judith St George

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What's Happening To My Junior Year?
Judith St. George

Synopsis:  I'd really planned carefully for my junior year in high school, and it looked like it was all going to happen. The yearbook staff, good grades... and Roger, the most gorgeous hunk in senior class, as my boyfriend!

Now somehow my life has turned into a shambles. Thanks to my mother, my house has become a hangout for local juvenile delinquents. A guy with a weird punk haircut is warming up to me - and Roger is busy warming up to Nikki Talbert, the pom-pom queen of the varsity squad. Who would believe life would be so complicated?

Publishing Details:
  Avon Flare Fiction, USA. 1986. 171 pages. Softcover.
Moderate cover & edge wear, some storage marks & dents, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
  92 gms without packaging.


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