Wildfire LOVE TO THE RESCUE by Deborah Kent

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Love To The Rescue
Deborah Kent

Synopsis: Lifeguards have all the fun.
That's what Laurie Cavanaugh used to think before she became one. Now she knows there's more to the job than looking great in a bathing suit. It's demanding work and a big responsibilty. But there would be some time for fun in the sun if Andy Hawthorne, the head lifeguard, wasn't such a creep. He watches every move Laurie makes and criticizes her constantly. Why does he have to be the cutest boy she's ever seen? Laurie is confused, but she's sure of one thing. Being a lifeguard may not be all fun, but it's never boring either!

Series: Wildfire (no series number)
Publishing Details:
  Scholastic. 1985, 2nd printing. 165 pages. Softcover.
Light cover & edge wear, a few light storage marks & a creased corner, moderate reading crease. Pages intact & tanned.
  99 gms without packaging.


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