Wildfire SEARCHING HEART by Barbara Steiner

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Searching Heart
Barbara Steiner

Synopsis: Laura has always known what she wants to do - become a veterinarian. Even before she finishes high school, she applies for an after-school job at a veterinary clinic.

But then her life changes dramatically. The doctor she works for is Jed Jordan, warm, caring ... and twenty-five years old. Before Laura and Jed know what's happening, they fall in love!

Laura is delighted... and frightened. Her parents don't approve of Jed because he's older. And Laura worries because she's miserable when she's apart from him. How can she go away to college now? What will become of her dreams? And what will become of her tender relationship with Jed?

Series: Wildfire (no series number)
Publishing Details: 
Scholastic. 1982. 140 pages. Softcover.
   Moderate cover wear, some storage marks plus some small chips, slight spine tilt, the back has a long heavy crease, medium reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
82 gms without packaging.


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