Wildfire THE VOICES OF JULIE by Joan Oppenheimer vgc

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    The Voices Of Julie
    Joan Oppenheimer

    Synopsis: Julie can stay out with Nick as late as she wants. She can skip homework or chores- she's got it made! She lives with her easy going aunt Roz who lets her do anything. Her only problem is Tony, her best friend's brother. Tony doesn't approve of Julie. He keeps trying to get her to shape up. And he makes her so mad! Julie wishes he would stay out of her life.... until the unforgettable night when she gets lost in the fog

    Series:  Wildfire (no series number)
    Publishing Details:  Scholastic.1979, 2nd printing. 156 pages. Softcover.
    ISBN: 059032201x
    Condition:   Very good used condition. Light cover wear, no reading crease. Pages intact & lightly tanned.
    Weight:  107 gms without packaging.


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