Windswept 28 THE DISAPPEARING TEACHER by Conrad Knowles brm

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    A Forgotten Girl
    Elisabeth Ogilvie

    Synopsis:  A dream come true! Val and Alix learn their family is heir to an unusual fortune - half an island off the coast of Maine!

    The girls are enchanted by the island, but frightening things happen there. They hear the eerie howls of dogs... but there are no dogs on the island. Alik is shocked to find a body in her bed - an old wooden Indian. Who put it there, and why?

    Is someone trying to scare them off the island? Why does old Mrs. Bancroft, the owner of the other half of the island, hate Alix? Why does her beautiful, young housekeeper act so mysterious? And can Val and Alix trust Simon? Val doesn't like him, but Alix has fallen in love...

    Series:  Windswept #10
    Publishing Details:  Scholastic. 1982. 169 pages. Softcover.
    ISBN: 0590325442
    Condition: Moderate cover wear, some edge wear, some storage marks, light reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
    Weight:  97 gms without packaging.


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